Road Trip to Socorro

This past weekend, I somehow ended up with three days off in a row (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). I got a co-worker to swap schedules on Friday with me so I could get off work at 3PM instead of 10:30PM. So we left on Friday as soon as I got off work for Socorro. It’s a 3.5 hour trip by car. We stayed with Stacey in her RV. We had planned on sorting thru Anna’s shed on Saturday to figure what we will be keeping and what we will toss while Stacey was at work. We did a little but it was just too hot to really go through everything. I think we will make another trip in the fall when it’s cooler. I plan on taking the bus over and stay longer.

Anna had my 1870’s rocking chair in a climate controlled storage unit. I love the details on the rocker.

 PIC_4918 PIC_4919 PIC_4921

I got that back and got to see her for a little bit before she had to head back up to Albuquerque to go to work. Apparently a few pieces have disappeared. It’s hidden parts that the upholstery attached to. We can remake them. That was what we had planned on anyway as they were in bad shape. The old rocker is looking pretty bad. Give me a few weeks and it will be looking great. I found a great looking heavy micro-suede fabric at Wal-Mart of all places. And the price is fantastic as well ($4.97/yd). I think it will look great on the rocker as well as the swivel RV chairs we got off the ABQ Freecycle back in 2010. I got a really great, slightly warped idea on how to recover the ugly worn things.

First, I have to work out how much to cut off the old rockers in order for the rocking chair to fit in the space we have allotted for it. Then I will tighten/reglue all the joints, clean the grime and old varnish off so that I can repaint it… a rich dark brown called “Expresso Beans” (Behr PPU5-1). I think it will be in high gloss.

Stacey didn’t have to work on Monday, so we all ate lunch at K-Bob’s in Socorro. I had the grilled catfish and a salad. I love grilled catfish. Stacey had the same. David had a chicken fried steak with gravy and a salad. Stacey gave us her 150cc scooter. It’s too big for her and she doesn’t think she can handle it. So once we move to wherever we are moving to (FL?), we will buy a little 50cc for her. In the meanwhile, we hauled the scooter back to Roswell, where we will tag, title, insure and make a few repairs on it (previous owner sold it cheap due to a spill on it, broke a mirror/turn signal and scuffed it up a bit). I need to buy a carrier to put on the back of the Jeep to haul the thing. But it gives David transportation while I have the Jeep at work. Stacey will get my old HitchHaul. It is much better made than her HitchHaul so she had laid claim to mine because I can’t have the HitchHaul and a scooter hauler.


It’s too hot to work on the rocker outside. So I will probably do most of the repairs inside. Temps are currently hitting 100F and will continue to be as hot as 105F over the next week. I’m hoping week after next it will cool down enough to allow me to paint the rocker outside, perhaps in the morning one day.

Tonight, after it cooled down a little and the grill was in the shade, David patted out a pile of hamburgers (we use 90/10 ground beef) and grilled them until done. I then let them cool a little and wrapped them in foil sheets (we buy them by the box at Sam’s Club) and popped the burgers in the freezer. I used a lip balm tube to smooth out the foil ends so it was easier to wrap. These burgers are what I will be taking to work for my lunches. I have a package of whole wheat Sandwich Thins that make nifty hamburger buns. What I like about freezing freshly grilled meats it that once they are heated back up in the microwave until just warm, they taste like they are fresh off the grill. Yummy!



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