My Late 1800’s Neartique Rocking Chair (pt 1)

I apparently got bitten by a spider not long before I woke up on Monday. I thought maybe I would try going to work but only made it a couple of hours before I got really sick and had to go home. Bummer, I used up some precious sick hours. I have a mild reaction to spider bites. I get symptoms similar to a really bad flu but it only lasts about 8 to 12 hours. Also that meant I was too sick to work on the rocking chair. My goal for this week was to get the rocker stripped, the loose veneer reglued and a piece of trim added. Then prime and paint the rocker.


I had Thursday off and the weather cooperated. David & I got the rocking chair stripped and hand sanded. David trimmed about 4 to 5 inches off the back runners (or what ever you call them) on the rocking chair so that it will fit closer to the wall. I was concerned that it would throw the balance off but it didn’t. Took the pad sander to that as well as where I filled the multitude of nail and screw holes on the bottom side of the seat frame. I also reglued the loose spots of the veneer using some wood glue. I had to use a razor blade to slide the glue under the loose veneer. That area also got a little bit of Durham’s as the veneer was badly chipped along the bottom edges where the veneer met the upholstery.


I bought some pine trim to cover where the old upholstery material used to be stapled to the frame. It had been reupholstered so many times over the years that the wood in those areas looked like a sponge. I had filled all those holes with Durham’s Rock Hard Putty as well, let dry and sanded. I still need to cut the trim to size then sand, prime and paint before attaching the trim where needed.


I have a gallon of indoor/outdoor Kilz2 latex primer that I had added 2 ounces of lamp black tint and 38/384ths ounce of raw umber tint to. That made it a warmish medium gray rather than the stark white that Kilz2 normally is. It is to use as a primer for my metallic silver and dark colours. The rocking chair sure looked odd in the gray.



Last Friday, I had mixed up a gallon of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Semi-Gloss in PPU5-1 Espresso Beans which is a very dark warm brown. I’m also using the same paint on the bed when I repaint it. I put three coats of paint on the rocker. It looks like it was dipped in chocolate. But although I ran a few days later than I wanted, the rocker is finished with the paint part. Now we need to finalize plans on rebuilding the seat and back. I already have the fabric for it bought. I still haven’t fully decided on whether I should paint the details on the chair in a blue that matches the fabric or if I should leave well enough alone. And the project continues….






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