We’re Staying Cool!

Week before last was super hot. I did little except to work, come home, take cool showers and relax in the air conditioning. David made Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies using Ghiradelli chips which made them even better, they kept disappearing!


I have been trying to work out how to put together a cheap day/night shade with a reflective backing on it. I think I have it worked out on paper. Now I just need to gather up all the parts and make one or two. Means I have to order a roll of Reflective Mylar from Amazon and wait for it to come in.

After the poor little 5000 BTU air conditioner in the rear section of the bus failed to keep up with the 100+°F temps we had for the past couple of weeks. So we bought a 6050 BTU GE air conditioner (Model #AEH06LS for $160) from Sam’s Club, just like the one we installed in the front bulkhead of the bus. It made a huge difference. Before with the slightly smaller air conditioner, the rear of the bus tended to be a bit warm and the front stayed cooler. Now the bus is cool front to back. The air conditioners have thermostats on them and they are showing the bus is holding within a couple degrees front to rear.

We put Trafficmaster Ainsley Oak laminate flooring (from Home Depot Store SKU # 489188) on our walls. We liked the look better than any paneling we looked at. But I wanted to do something a little different. So I painted a case of it. First I sprayed a clear matte paint (made for plastic) as a primer. Then I used a damp sponge and wiped on a wispy layer of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Latex Paint “Ultra Pure White” in Semi-gloss. Then a wispy coat of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Latex Paint in “510d-4 Embellished Blue” and glazed over all that with the Martha Stewart Precious Metals in “Silver Leaf”. Each layer of paint dried between layers. I’m not real fond of the Martha Stewart paint as it’s a thin, see-thru-ey paint. I thought it would make a good glaze. I like how it turned out. It looks old and weathered. That was the look I was shooting for. Once we put this up (it goes behind the headboard of the bed), I will seal it with a coat or two of latex polyurethane.

PIC_4977     PIC_4975

Now I’m going to have supper. I made up a batch of my Cajunchiladas for supper and freezing. My recipe makes 24. So we eat a few for supper and I wrap each of the remaining unchiladas in foil sheets and freeze them. I also made up a batch of Mason Jar Peaches and Cream Coffeecakes. We will eat one each for supper and I have the rest sitting in the freezer.

PIC_4972  PIC_4967  PIC_4969


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