LP vs AC Spreadsheet


The link is my Open Office Spreadsheet that I saved into an Excel spreadsheet to post here (WordPress doesn’t seem to care for Open Office). I input the current cost of LP and the current price per KWH of electric for RV sites we pay extra for electric into column C. This way I know if it’s cheaper to heat with electric or propane or if it’s about the same. Known price of LP goes in Column C Row 3 and the equivalent price per KWH pops up in Column C Row  I5. f we pull into a campground/park and know the cost per KWH of the electric but don’t have to get LP yet, I just input the price of the electric into Column C Row 7  and the spreadsheet shows me the equivalent price of LP (Column E Row 11). I added this info later after the spreadsheet was originally built. I’m lazy and don’t like math, so I built the spreadsheet. I hope this works for anyone who wants to try it. It should open into Excel and does open in Open Office. You will most likely have to adjust the cells to be able to read all the info. But the formulas should have survived. It’s not exact because it doesn’t fully take into account appliance inefficiency. Some appliances are more inefficient than others. These numbers seem to be pretty accurate for my use and my appliances.


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