New Residential Toilet

Haven’t done much since my last post here. David has been having several of what we call “bad” days. Some days his body doesn’t care much for the heart meds he’s on. On those days, David doesn’t feel like doing anything.

The vintage Mansfield toilet broke. Once I added up all the parts we needed to buy to get the thing back to full working order (gaskets, seals, valves and all) it was over $100 just for those parts, not counting the shipping. And then there’s the time required to get the parts here. So we wandered down to Home Depot and bought a residential toilet. I had already looked for a toilet that would fit in our tiny space. They were all about 28 to 31 inches from the wall to the front of the toilet except one. It’s a $68 NIZA Combo toilet that I can’t seem to find on the website (Store SKU 1000-025-615). But it is on the shelf! We bought a universal fit waxless (foam) seal (Store SKU # 1000004299) for about $12. The foam seal is a great thing. We used the toilet bolts that came with the seal and not the ones that came with the toilet. We reused the round oak seat that I had bought for the old toilet. I cleaned it up, touched up some scarred areas with a dark stain and then wiped the whole seat down with a wipe-on poly. It’s a tight fit between the front of the sink and the toilet but doable. The toilet uses 1.25 gallons per flush. The plastic flush handle broke after a couple of days so I bought a pretty universal fit metal one for about $15.


Downside is that we are filling the holding tank really fast. I assumed it was a 20-25 gallon tank (it’s a really odd shape) but it’s apparently about 10 gallons. When the black tank is full, the toilet bowl will not drain. So our short-term solution is to dump the black tank daily. Once we get our own place, we will replumb the vanity sink into the grey tank and build a larger black tank and set up the toilet drain to bypass the black tank when we are on a sewer hookup. Building a larger black tank was in our future plans anyway. We have found it takes 8 flushes to fill the black tank. Well, we don’t have to worry about creating a “Tower of Doom” in the black tank. I do believe we can come up with a gasket to seal the water in the tank so that we can travel without draining the toilet.


It’s been raining a bit here recently. So nice. It rained today pretty much all day. Plus yesterday and today I have off. So I cooked supper tonight. Dessert is Peach Cobbler made in little 4 oz canning jars. My recipe uses 3 cans of peach slices (that I cut into chunks) and makes 10 jars. What I like about the recipe,other than it tastes good, it that I usually have everything in the pantry. When they cool, I will pop them in the freezer and see how well they freeze. I like having little jars of desserts in the freezer. The bus is toasy warm from running the oven without opening the vent. I also made Chicken Alfredo. I had planned on having steamed broccoli with the Alfredo but we only had Broccoli with Cheddar cheese sauce. So I opened up a can of green beans and put broccoli on the grocery list. The excess Chicken Alfredo will be put in the freezer for a meal next week. All we will have to do is thaw it out, heat it up and pour it over a freshly cooked batch of hot fettucini.

Chicken Alfredo with Green Beans

Chicken Alfredo with Green Beans

Peach Cobbler in Mason Jars

Peach Cobbler in Mason Jars


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