I’m still here…

I haven’t posted to the blog in a long time. I still don’t sleep very much or very well. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all. My brain has apparently decided sleep is highly over rated. I stay tired but not sleepy. I generally sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Occasionally 5 hours. I skip sleeping entirely, at least once or twice a week, more than I get 5 hours of sleep. I broke down at the first of the year and, since I had two days off in a row, bought a bottle of whisky, made me a rather stiff drink for the two nights and slept for 8 hours each night. It was wonderful sleeping but I didn’t like the way I felt after I had the drink. I get my longer night’s sleep with a cup of Sleepytime tea and a dose of Unisom. I am getting better. I tear up at the oddest times. I only am crying about once a day. Sometimes twice.

I’m slowly working on the bus. Everything seems to take so long to do. I keep losing my tools, the one’s I just put down. I replaced the two captains chairs with a mini daybed and extended the deck over the wheel well to the wall between the salon and the galley. Gave me space to put a 30″ wide drawer under the deck. I keep the bedding and extra quilts in that drawer. I cut a king sized quilt I had down into mini quilts for the day bed. I kept looking over at David’s chair expecting to see him there. Which of course made me start back crying. So the chairs got replaced. I also got a bit more of the floor tiled and grouted. I got the clothes/linen closet built. The linen closet is ending up being filled with the club packs of toilet paper and paper towels. I also have a BucketHead vacuum (wet/dry vacuum head unit that goes on a 5 gallon bucket) in the narrow space (13″ wide). The old shop vac was too wide to fit in the space. I just keep puttering away. I know it’s not much. But the little things add up and eventually the bus will be finished. Or almost finished. Hopefully before it’s time to leave New Mexico.

Ordered baby binning strips from Outwater Plastics. Cut down some 5 gallon paint stir sticks for the dividers.

Mini daybed. Actually it’s a toddler bed with a crib mattress. I added a 4″ foam mattress topper to the bed which made it pretty comfy. The fitted sheet is a crib sheet. The foam makes it a very snug fit. I have tarp clips on the sheet and used bungie cords to hold it on. The back cushion is a piece of $8 sleeping bag foam cut down with a piece of mattress foam glued to it. The pillow shams need to be cut down to fit the regular sized pillows.

The daybed overhangs the wheel well box by quite a bit, over 10 inches. So I attached an “L” bracke to the front bed frame rail and put decorative shelf brackets under the bed for support. I used a total of 4 brackets. Because the daybed was made to only sit 4″ above the floor, I had to cut the little legs off. The wheel well box is 11″ high.


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