The Sound of Silence

The RV park that I live in has, like many RV parks, several RVs with small, yappy dogs. The problem with a great deal of people who own small dogs is they, the owners, do not think their small dogs are yappy. They also don’t think they should have to put them on a leash or pick up their poo either, but that’s a different complaint. This is about silencing a yappy dog. I bought an ultra sonic bark deterrent off of Amazon this week. Had to buy a 9 volt battery to put in it, which I did today. One of the dogs was barking it’s little pea brain out at something, I think the birds in the tree. Set the deterrent to “HIGH” (50 ft) because there is a picket fence between us. After a little while, I may drop it down to the 30 ft setting. No dog barking. I recently got a single bark. That’s amazing. One of the other dogs came out and started barking. It’s knows something is up as it barks and the whimpers. But it’s barking is sharply curtailed and only did a few barking bursts.These dogs start barking and bark anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. I did set the thing outside but out of the weather. The item I bought was the First Alert Bark Genie Automatic Bark Control for about $40. Reading the reviews runs the gambit from “doesn’t work” to “works great”. I did see some posts that said it didn’t work on small dogs (in my case it did) and that some dogs get used to it. The paper work that came with the deterrent said to not leave it on all the time as dogs can get used to it. I think if the dogs can get trained to not bark excessively I may not need to leave it on. So after a week or two, I will probably turn it off and see what happens. I think this will work for me. Since I live in an RV park, most of the RVers come and go. Except, of course the neighbours with the barking dogs. A little barking I can stand. It’s the hours of barking that I find irritating. And if I am passing thru a park, this will help restrict any barking that may bother me without harming the dogs (or having the pet owners harass me).


One thought on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Little yappy dogs are the worst!! We haven’t started traveling around yet…still building our skoolie, but when we lived in an apartment for a bit it was always the little dogs that yapped. and you are so right, the owners don’t seem to mind or think these dogs are pleasant to hear at dark thirty. We have only had big dogs, and I am happy to say, they only barked when someone was at my door!

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