Rebuilding a Door


I decided to make things easy on me and buy “premade” doors for the closets and the door needed between the galley and the bathroom/bedroom area. I decided that the wooden “T” bar screen doors at Home Depot would make a good base. The door I started with was 30″ wide and 80″ tall. It had to fit in a space of 26-1/2″ wide after the frame & header was installed. The door also had to be cut down to about 69″ tall. This leaves a gap at the floor of about 2″ and a gap of about 1-1/4″ at the peak of the ceiling for air circulation. The door (and base frame) was painted with two coats of Behr Interior Semi-Gloss in Espresso Beans (PPU5-1). I haven’t quite figured out the trim yet but it will most likely be painted in Espresso Beans as well. Since I couldn’t just trim the 30″ door down by cutting the sides and top/bottom, I dismantled the whole door, cut off the wooden dowels, trimmed the pieces as needed and then glued/screwed the whole thing back together. I used a screen door latch with forced me to hinge the door in the opposite direction than what I wanted to (I wanted it to swing towards the shower and now it swings towards the freezer). But it does give a nice privacy lock. Something I decided was needed since I will be sharing the bus with my daughter for a couple of years, until she gets her own bus. I removed the fiberglass screen material  when I dismantled the door and saved the spline. After the paint was completely dry on the door, I used a screen roller tool and installed some unwashed canvas painter’s drop cloth, reusing the old spline. The spline that came with the door is thicker than needed for the fabric, For the next doors I will use a smaller diameter spline. While I did get the fabric in place, it was hard and took a long time. I had a few wrinkles left even though I pulled the fabric as tight as I could. Spritzing the unwashed canvas with a trigger sprayer of water and letting it dry, pulled the few remaining wrinkles out as it shrunk. Three more doors to go; two on the 48″ wide closet and one on the 13″ wide linen storage closet. The screen doors I am using only come in 30″, 32″ and 36″ widths. That was a lot of work for a single door.


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