A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There

I have been piddling away at the bus. I bought a glass shower door and, after getting most of the frame in, discovered it was missing a piece. This was a manufacturer omission. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me the piece but it still took a while. But now I have a glass door on my shower stall. Still need to buy some more trim molding. With 20 mph gusts, I’m not willing to risk bringing the molding home strapped to the roof of the jeep. I have also been adding (slowly) the thermal breaks at the roof rib rivets. There again, I am having to do it slowly since it is all glued up with PL375 adhesive and I have to wait for the adhesive to dry before I put another strip on. Once I get the thermal break trim complete in the salon and galley, I will start priming and get the embossed tin ceiling look anaglypta hung. It’s been too windy on the days I can work on the bus, to do much outside. So I use the windy or the rare rainy days for inside work. And some days I just goof off. I’ve got one of the closet doors cut down and screwed back together to test fit but the wind had prevented me from hauling it outside to take apart, glue up and paint. I’m hoping tomorrow will be calm as I get off work early enough to do some “home” work.

Pics of the shower door. It’s usable but needs trim molding. I also am putting a piece of clear plexiglass in the space above the shower door header.




Ceiling thermal breaks

Incomplete (only two layers)

Completed Thermal Break

The strips I ran under the lights in the galley. This serves two purposes… #1 means I don’t have to pull the lights down to paper under them and #2 means I have a good place to stop the multi-layered trim at the lights.

The black tape is Gorilla Tape. Holds the stuff to the ceiling great while the glue is drying. But takes the white primer off when I remove the tape. That’s okay though. I need to prime with a grey tinted primer anyway for the silver metallic paint I’m using.



2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There

  1. Rick but everybody just calls me popeye ! Skuh kuh kuh kuh says:

    I found the link on the cheaprvliving forums and I just read your blog.

    Sorry to hear about David and glad he was a donor , I am too , it’s good to be able to help someone even after you pass.

    Your rebuild job is looking great ! Good skills too.

    Any pictures of the outside of the bus that you can post?

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