Why Can’t I Get Motivated?

I have so much to do and I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. I can’t decide if it’s the heat or if it’s me. I managed to get the power steering hose replaced and hooked back up. I replaced a tiny hose on the radiator. I added an air hose to one of the ping tanks by adding a brass “T” which allowed me to remove the drain valve, thread the “T” into the tank, thread a coiled air hose with a quick connect on the end and still put the drain valve at the bottom of the “T”. I am going thru the tools and hardware trying to get it all located and organized so I can find a place for it. I rummaged thru the shed at my daughter’s rental house trying to find things I can use, like an air hose. Only the crappy one wasn’t stolen when the air compressor, etc was stolen. They took the good hose and the box with all the air hose fittings. Adding the air connector will let me air up the bus tires using the compressor for the air brakes. Saves me a couple hundred dollar and the space needed for a compressor. I still have to run black iron pipe to hook up the LP instead of running separate LP tanks. I need some new tires (EEK! $$$). I need to do so much. And I’m so depressed. I think it’s because I’m rummaging thru the sheds trying to find stuff and seeing all of the things that remind me of David. Which makes me miss him. Then I cry. Then I get pissed at my self because I’m sad, and weepy, and sitting on my butt doing nothing. Which doesn’t help. I guess I need to kick my self in the butt and straighten up. Crying ain’t gonna get things done. Depressed or not, I got things to do. I need to figure out where to run the plastic hoses for the drains I put in the drip pans of the refrigerators. The freezer is set up to drain directly outside. But the little refrigerators never were. When one of them defrosted on the way over here, it meant water all over the floor. I don’t want a repeat of that, plus putting the drain to where it drains from the drip pan to outside makes defrosting much easier. Get to work Lorna. Stay busy. Too much to do in too little time. The bus needs to go to ABQ for a few days on the last week of August for Anna & Matt’s somewhat delayed wedding reception. They got married in March. Anna was too shaky emotionally to have a party. I thought Anna, Stacey & I did very well. None of us fell completely apart even though it was close at times. And my mother is flying in for the reception. My mother & I get along best with at least 500 miles between us. I can handle this… I think. Deep breath. Carry on.


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