Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s been hot and will continue to be hot here in Socorro, NM. Sheesh! I think I need to find a cooler place for next summer. It’s been so hot that it makes me sick. So I have been hiding in the house sucking up the semi coolness of the swamp cooler. Since the bus is stretched out on extension cords, I can run one air conditioner on Eco. So the air conditioner in the bedroom gets the power. Ruby Lee, my daughter’s 5 month old greyhound puppy, LOVES the bus. Some days I have to physically drag her out of the door. She just wants to stay in the bus all the time. And it’s certainly not because it is cool in there. Strange critter.

I’ve been clearing out things in order to make room for Stacey. I got the bedroom subflooring down and the bed turned sideways and have been sorting tools to go into the grey restaurant totes. The totes fit under the bed. So I will have tools on my side and Stacey will have all her art supplies on her side. I will get the tile down later.

I also made a screen for the rear emergency door. This way we can open the door up and still keep the bugs out. I used a shade blocking fiberglass window screening and stitched a pocket across the top for a tension curtain rod. The sides are held to the metal door frame with rare earth magnets. I need to buy more of those little gems. But I am rapidly running out of money and Home Depot has not gotten the rest of my money to me yet. I had money taken out of each of my paychecks to buy company stock. Any money that wasn’t used to buy stock was to be returned to me. Oddly enough, they claimed that they didn’t know I had quit and that was why I hadn’t got my money yet. But if that was true, why wasn’t the money used to buy the stock? I contacted them on 7/15 and they claim they didn’t find out I was no longer working there until 7/16. Plus it would take a month for me to get the check cut (8/16) and mailed to me. My last day was 6/16 (the rest was vacation time thru 6/28). I’m confused.

Since I need money I have been listing stuff on eBay. Thinning things down. Today I broke down and listed a bracelet I made. I’ve gotten all the kinks worked out of the shipping. I figure it’s easier to offer free shipping. I only ship in the US for now. I love the little “potato” pearls. They are so fun and organic. The little perfectly round pearls are just to boring and monotonous. I guess I need to start getting the other stuff I’ve made listed too.


If things work out, I think Stacey & I will be spending the winter in South Georgia in an area we have stayed at before. That is if the campground is as cheap as the prices have indicated. David and I have stayed in that particular park several years ago. It’s one of those campgrounds that don’t have a website and the email is not working. Since we will be staying in the area for a few days anyway, we will park the bus at Wal-Mart (thank you Walmart for your lovely parking lot) and unhook the Jeep to go check on the campground. I do have a phone number for the place but I’m not sure when we will get there. Only that it will be roughly the middle of October. So I will wait to contact them until we get to town. Then we will base from there and go ‘sploring. Lots of history in that area. Winters are typically mildish too. Summers are very hot though. It’s only 100 miles from the FL/GA state line. Only takes a few hours by car to get to the Gulf Coast. Longer by bus. I’ve made the run on back roads in the old Class C a few times. So that would be nice to run down for a week and then head back “home”. Shoot, we might even wander over to Douglas and look at my maiden name all over the place. I’m related to most of the town as they are my father’s side of the family, although I don’t really know them. The state park there is supposed to be nice.

If it all works out, we will have to make a run to pick up Stacey’s Jeep… where ever we leave it at. It generally works out. Just not always the way I had planned.


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