Reworked Christmas Tree From Freestanding to Wall Mounted


I’m not doing much for Christmas this year. Or I wasn’t planning on it. The daughter I am staying with isn’t working Christmas Day so we decided to splurge. We will be having a shrimp boil and grits for our Christmas Dinner.

I have been thinking about how my little 30″ tall fiber optic Christmas Tree is going to survive the puppy. I have no place to put it out of her reach. It’s kinda too big since it wasn’t bought for RVing but for a 2nd home. My daughter was telling me about a $10 decoration at Family Dollar that if you turned it upside down looked like a Christmas tree that I could hang on the wall or in the window. So I bought one along with a $3 string of lights. Then I got to looking at it. Once I fluffed it out, it looked a bit thin. And then I got to thinking…

If I took my old fiber optic tree out of the rather large and bulky light projector base, then pushed all the branches to the front, I would have a flat back tree that I could hang on a wall or in a window. Without the base the tree is 24 inches tall. With the branches all pushed to the front, it’s much denser.

Next, I removed all the fiber optic strings. It was easy, I simply bent each one backwards toward the branch. Most snapped right off. I have to wonder if the plastic wasn’t getting too old. It took a long time to get all the fiber optic stuff removed. I left the well secured stuff in place as it gave more heft to the trunk and the lower section of each branch. I only removed the long hairs.

I had some green coloured aluminum craft wire that I had bought from Dollar Tree. I cut off a length and made a loop around a fat marking pen. I wired it neat the top of the tree to use as a hanger. I decided to add a second one close to the bottom so I could add a second hook to keep the tree from swinging side-to-side.


After the hangers were in place, I stretched the lights out and folded them in half. The cord end was attached at the bottom of the tree with a bit of the green wire. The rest of the light string was looped thru the branches.


Next came the ornaments. My bus is Streamline Art Deco Dieselpunk Old South Country Beach Cottage. I have decided to dump all the breakable glass ornaments I have. Mostly because I am tired of the tiny broken pieces I find every year. I kept a little of my old stuff for this Christmas. I will start looking for beachy things over the next year. I will also probably use a large seashell on the bottom (scallop?) to hide the knobby base. And I think a starfish would look nice on the top as well. This year, it just won’t look like much.

Then came the “where to put it” question. I bought a removable 3M hook and hung it on one of my partition walls this year. Next year, it might end up in a window. I don’t know. Since my daughter & I don’t do a lot of gifts anyway for Christmas, I figure  the “gifts under the tree” won’t be a problem. Besides, I do have the fireplace mantle for stockings which I think are more fun anyway.



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