Got Cold Floors?

Got cold floors? Here’s a cheap fix. I’m using a 1/2″ thick (20″w x 72″l) camping pad from Wal-Mart on my (currently) non-insulated floors as a rug. Soft, cushy and warm underfoot. Does not absorb water (or snow melt). When the weather warms up and I no longer need them, I will take them up off the floor, clean them for next year and store them flat under the bed mattress. Except maybe the one in the galley. It’s nice to have the soft mat to stand on while doing dishes or cooking. I currently pay $8 for the pad. I’m sure other stores have a similar item if you don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart. I found this pad in the camping section. I have one section at the steps that is odd shaped. So I cut two pieces to fit the odd shaped area and put a piece of Gorilla tape behind the seam on the back side of the mat. Next I folded the mat to where the seam opened up and put a line of EU6000 in the opening, closed it and let dry. The EU6000 is working nicely. I will be using this pad to insulate the funny shaped entry steps (walls, risers and treads) because it is thin and does a fantastic job of insulating.

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