Frankie & Lola Are Home!

I love having a steel ceiling in the bus. Today, I was in the Class C removing some things and preparing to remove a few other things. I decided to move Frankie and Lola into the bus. They were very dusty. So I dusted them off and hung them from the ceiling with magnetic hooks.

David found Frankie first. I’m not really sure where. One day he brought home a 16″ stuffed parrot (all fabric, no feathers). I made a perch for him and David hung him on the market umbrella he used when selling at the flea market. David started calling him Frank. David had several offers for the little stuffed parrot and always refused to sell it. When David started up the food cart, he used the same market umbrella that he had used for flea marketing. Frankie still hung from the umbrella.


At some point, David found another parrot. This one had a long flowing tail and measures 37″ top of her head to the tip of her tail. We named her Lola, after the Jimmy Buffet song “Frankie and Lola”.


When David & I moved into the bus, Frankie and Lola stayed in the Class C with Stacey who refused to let us have them. Since she knew the bus was going to have a beachy decor, she knew it was only a matter of time before they would be moved into the bus.

Today, they moved to their new home. They now flank the fireplace, unless I find someplace better for them. They aren’t fancy. Some might think they are a little tacky. But I’m a bit fond of them because they bring back good memories.


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