Got a little more done…..

Time is flying fast. I have to have the bus ready to leave soon. The plan is to leave shortly at the end of April and head back east. Lots of things to do that I keep putting off for various reasons. I’m thinking of trying to make a post here once a week to help me get a move on. I dumped one FB group (yea!) and I think I will dump another group. FB sucks up time like a black hole sucks up light. It is also a lot like an elementary school playground. I decided I don’t need that or the lost time.

Stacey and I emptied out the old food cart. It had been being used as a storage space. We just moved everything from one spot to another spot so we can work our way thru the storage boxes. I saved one of the sides from the street sign. Cleaned it up, framed it with PVC lattice cap (the same stuff I made the interior storm windows from) and hung it on the front of the freezer with a couple of small french cleats. I have an oil painting hung with a french cleat and it travels well. The french cleats allow me to remove the item and clean behind it but it tends to not move at all when traveling. Not even when I turned the bus around in a bumpy field!


I also found and cleaned up the old metal first aid boxes. One was from the Blue Bird (top left & right) and the other was from the Eagle 05 when it was in service with Trailways (bottom left & right). I decided to spray paint them a light turquoise (Rustoleum) and attach them to the walls in the bathroom. Works great to hold the aspirin, allergy pills and band-aids, freeing up the medicine cabinet for other things. I may paint a design on the fronts later. For now, they can remain plain.

The 36 gallon tank I replacing the current  12 gallon (?) black tank with came in this week as well. That is not a job I’m looking forward to. But I’ll have to do it. Okay, now on to the next project….



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