A Bed for Ruby Lee

I got another thing off my list. I needed to rebuild the platform I had slapped together for the dog (Ruby Lee). She just keeps getting bigger and heavier. She’s only a year old and up to 50lbs with no end in sight. She won’t stop growing until she’s two years old. I still needed her to be on top of the engine cover but I wanted the bed to be removable when under way. So after looking online at many variations of dog beds, I came up with my own.

The frame is plain old 2X4X8 (laid 2″ thick). The square is screwed together with deck screws in pocket holes (I love that pocket hole jig). I used a pack of four metal screen door corners to re-enforce the corners. Ruby Lee is big and she likes to hit her bed at a run from the back of the bus. I put two screws on the bottom and one screw on the top for each corner. I’m hoping the glue and screws will hold up under her.

I made the screened part of the frame a rectangle (about 28X30). There is another length of 2X4 screwed to the front with the corners clipped. This allows her a little more space and keeps the walk area open. After staining the frame, I wrapped the 28X30 rectangle with fiberglass solar window screening. It’s wrapped around the frame, pulled tight, folded under on the bottom side and stapled with long staples. I think it will hold up under Ruby for a while. It’s a dense heavy weave like a light weight trampoline pad. After the screen was attached, I screwed the front piece on.

Next was adding the legs. They are pre-made wood table legs that were cut down in length and threaded into furniture leg plates that I screwed into the bottom side of the frame. I still need to add the big “U” bolts to the engine cover that the legs will slip into for added stability. First, I have to find where I put them up at. It’s someplace logical and where I won’t forget I put them.

The reasoning behind having the legs removable is I want to be able to remove the legs and slide the frame out of the way when traveling. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. So is Ruby Lee. She likes to look out the front windshield at everything that is going on. She now has her bed put back together (sleeping bag and comforter both folded into quarters and a pillow to lay her head on). It took me two days, or about 8 hours, to build the bed and it cost about $60 in materials.


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