Bad Times and Nice Folks

We have been spending several days in Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM. Caught up with some friends from when I used to live here. The bus broke down, several times, on the way over here. Even broke one of the new fan belts we had just put on. We ended up spending one night in the local Sam’s Club. That was the first extended use of the generator. Along with chilling the freezer and two refrigerators back down, I had the front air conditioner on and the rear air conditioner on trying to get the place cooled down enough to sleep. We opened up the windows and a storm rolled in. Lots of nice, cool, wind and rain to sleep thru. Ran the generator a couple of hours and ate up pretty much an entire 20# tank. But that was a heavy load. I did expect that if I ran the airs. But it had no problem running everything I had on at the same time. But this tells me I will want to invest in an auto changeover so I can run two tanks st some point. If I had parked in the meager shade, I probably would not have run either air conditioner. Unfortunately the bus stalled before I could get under the shade. This does tell me I can stay in a campground cheaper than in a parking lot if I need to run the air conditioner.But I had pretty much figured that would be the case. While the generator may be loud outside, it’s not bad inside.

Replaced the starter solenoid because that is what we thought was the problem. Nope!. Bus stalled just as I pulled into the campground and we could not get the thing jumped off. After the park rangers kindly pulled us into a site with a back hoe, I contacted a friend to try to get a bus mechanic out here. On the phone we talked about some of the problems. Said the transmission not wanting to shift was probably a clogged filter so we got filters to change that. After much research in the internet, Tace figured out how to check the alternator. One of the nice park rangers, Chris, had taken our battery up to the park shop to put on a charger to charge. It was barely holding a charge. So after Tace tested the alternator, we decided it was the battery. Luckily I had bought the battery at Sam’s Club on July 3, 2015 and we hauled the thing back into them on June 30th. Barely within the 1 year warranty but we ended up with a free swap. We also thought we would replace the fuel filter and two oil filters while we were at it. So we got the filters bought. Tace was under the bus removing the first oil filter and commented on how thin the oil seemed. While she was removing the second filter, the bus mechanic showed up, looked under the bus and said a horrible thing…. “You have fuel mixed in with your oil”. He said we had a fuel injector leaking. A fuel injector for my older engine is far from cheap. I’m going to have to have the mechanic find out which one (I hope it is only one) of the fuel injectors is bad. I believe Tace & I can remove and re-install the fuel injector ourselves. Tace cried for a couple of hours. This is really bad news. We have spent so much money fixing the bus while we were in Socorro before we left. We are almost completely broke now. It’s so bad that I broke down and started a GoFundMe account. Me. The person who never asks for help. The person who would do without rather than ask for help. I feel so awful because we have blown thru my savings and Tace’s savings trying to leave New Mexico. And we haven’t. Upside is that Ruby Lee likes the lake although not enough to try swimming. She likes to go on daily walks and get her toes wet. This is the first lake she has ever seen (she’s 1 year old).

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