Stuff Happens


It’s looking like my daughter & I will be staying in Roswell for a while. We need to save up money, again, to leave, again. We think we will be staying put for about a year. So we get jobs, again. I am trying to get a job with a Temp agency. Putting in everywhere. Most places take online applications. Tace is doing the same. We will get a job, hopefully next week. This will give us time to do a little work on the bus and a little work on the jeeps. Plus thin down more of our stuff. We are staying in the RV park that David & I were living in. Monthly rates are good although being increased next month, close enough to town that we aren’t driving long distances for everything. There is a nice little fenced dog park that Ruby Lee enjoys and requires a trip to daily. She gets a real work out with her K9-Kannon. She is really fond of grass. We have found that we can leave Ruby Lee alone in the bus without her going nuts and trashing the whole place. I believe she will be okay when left alone. I think I need to frost the bedroom windows because she sometimes pulls the curtain down to look out. Tace is sold on the convenience of having a Sam’s Club only 15 minutes away. Not quite what we had planned but stuff happens and sometimes you have to adjust your plans. So our goal is to leave before it gets hot again. Meanwhile, I bought spikes and washers to nail the grass carpet to the ground so I don’t have to pick it up all the time due to the wind.


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