Bathroom Faucet Upgrade

Finally got tired of the bathroom sink faucet’s drooling. No other way to describe it. When the faucet was turned on, it would slightly drool, not leak, along the backside of the faucet head and onto the countertop making a puddle behind the faucet. Not matter how well I cleaned and tightened the threads in the faucet screen, it would still drool. Even when I used Teflon tape on the threads, it still drooled. Add the hard water that we endure in NM and it meant a real mess.Plus I could never get into the tiny space between the sink bowl and the faucet base to clean it out.

While I was at Home Depot this morning buying stuff for another project, I wandered down the faucet aisle and decided to pick up a new faucet. Now was as good a time as any.  I had today off. So after I had lunch, I turned off the water pump and took the old faucet out and replaced it with the new faucet. It’s an easy job and it looks so much better.


I really like that the faucet arm swings. This will make it easier to rinse the sink out. Also, the faucet arm can be pushed out of the way as needed.

The faucet I bought was a Glacier Bay Laundry Faucet “Aragon” (Home Depot SKU 780-445 $19.98). It has the same spread as a standard vanity sink faucet and bar sink faucet.

On to my next project….



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